• The Telegraph: Health experts warn of hidden spread of Lyme disease. The number of Lyme disease cases in England and Wales has almost trebled since 2002 with experts warning the true number of people affected by the infection from ticks could be much higher. (28 March 2012)
  • BBC Health report: Lyme disease risk from dogs ‘higher than thought’. This article contains a great feature film about ticks, with some script that reads like it came straight from our website…. Here the article with film. (25 Jan. 2012)
  • Daily Mail: Mother discovers mysterious medical condition that has left her feeling ‘like a 90-year-old’ was caused by a childhood tick bite. Read more. (17 Jan. 2012)
  • A FORESTRY worker who almost died from a tick bite has been allowed to continue an £ 80,000 damages claim against his bosses. Full Story:
  • BBC Science report: European tick established in UK  (22. March 2011) Especially the last four sentences of that report are very relevant. It explains why it is important to keep a TickCard in the wallet! From personal experience we actually found transmission can start already shortly after the bite – not 24 hours: Borreliosis (Lyme disease) bacteria are in the digestive tract of the tick: it can regurgitate these microbes at any time or if stressed or squeezed. But it will usually do so after 8-24 hours in any case as part of the normal feeding process. Bon appetit!