Branded Cards – get YOUR message across!

Individualised / Branded TickCards with YOUR Logo and Details

Click here to see some samples of past work.

Minimum quantity is 250 pcs.

We offer layout options etc. for free. Artwork modifications/creation as per separate quote.

Please note: Reasonable printing alignment tolerances apply (about 0.5 mm max.), which is especially important when considering two colour printing, as the alignment may vary a bit. Please send us your logo as you would like it, keeping in mind what space is available.

* Quantity may vary by +/- 10% due to production processes/rejects

min. 250 pcs.: single colour £2.15 | two colour £2.27

500 pcs.: single colour £1.90 | two colour  £2.00

1,000 pcs.: single colour  £1.80 | two colour  £1.90

2,500 pcs.: single colour £1.70 | two colour  £1.80

5,000 pcs.: single colour £1.60 | two colour  £1.70

10,000 pcs.: single colour £1.55 | two colour  £1.65

20,000 pcs.: single colour £1.53 | two colour £1.63

All prices are subject to VAT.

We offer hot-foil block printing in single and two colour.
Click here to see the range of print colour choices.

For the printing plate and setup-time, we charge a flat fee:

• for one colour £41.67 (= £50 incl. VAT)
• for two colours £66.67 (= £80 incl. VAT).
(For repeat orders, where no new plates are needed, these fees are halved.)

Completion: printed cards – inserted in Polypropylene plastic wallet and inserted in TickCard outer paper-card, containing full instructions and helpful information.
Click here and scroll down to see how your branded cards will be inserted in the outer card.


Folded and packed with rubber bands in bundles of 12 into bulk cartons. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

Clip Strips and Displays Stands are available if needed.

Payment: 50% due with order — remainder due prior to dispatch.

Quantity: Quantity may vary by +/- 10% due to production processes/rejects.
Final invoice balance will vary accordingly.

Delivery time: delivery approx. 4–6 weeks after receipt of deposit and approved artwork.

Delivery: free to one UK address.  Outside UK, please enquire.

Issue 1/2023 – Prices and terms may change without prior notice.

Template for your artwork: copy JPEG below or click here for pdf.

Template lg