A big, heartfelt and warm “THANK YOU!” to:

  • Bjørn Bagger, for ‘holding the vision’, for seeing doors where others see walls, and for supporting the TickCard project at its roots!
  • Antje Rickowski, the amazing holistic health consultant and partner, who tirelessly supports the TickCard project in so many practical ways with inspiration, patience and a lot of hard work.
  • The many Ticks we all have had over the years that prompted that amazingly practical and helpful tick removal device.
  • All the Friends and Staff of TickCard and PANOSUN Ltd who helped in the development in countless ways – you know who you are!
  • Organisations, Individuals and Researchers, who researched ticks and tick disease and went before us to make it all possible!
  • All the Helpful Inspiration that arrived at all times of day and night – God knows where you came from… 🙂