Tick Disease

Serious tick-borne diseases includeLyme borreliosis (bacteria) which is increasingly common throughout Europe (incl. UK) and America. No vaccine is available as preventative treatment for Lyme borreliosis!

(There are preventative vaccines for tick-borne encephalitis – a different illness caused by a virus – which is common in mainland Europe and eastern Europe.)

The most important thing for many may be a proper diagnosis. Many people still suffer badly after the (basic) NHS test. gWe can recommend a laboratory in Germany that specialises in diagnosing tick-born diseases:  ArminLabs: http://www.arminlabs.com/en. Contact them and talk to them! 

Symptom patterns for Lyme borreliosis vary from person to person. Early indications in the days after the bite can include flu-like symptoms, feeling unwell, rash (EM bull’s-eye rash), headache, muscle pain, tender glands and sensitivity to temperature, sound and light…

Please seek medical advice promptly if you are concerned or experience any of the above symptoms! (inside the UK call 111)

Please note: a small red itchy patch is a normal body-reaction to a tick bite.

Stay Safe Outdoors

 To help you reduce the risk of dangerous infection, keep a TickCard in your wallet and don’t delay proper removal!

About 2000 people get infected with Lyme disease in the UK yearly. Countless more people get ticks every year. Cases of Lyme disease have increased by 300% in the past 10 years.

The main UK Lyme Borreliosis Unit is in Southampton.

Ticks are a common and increasing problem throughout Britain.

Ticks are most active from March through October, although during mild weather conditions ticks will be active throughout the year in the UK.

They can carry a variety of diseases that are dangerous to humans, Lyme Borreliosis currently being the main disease in the UK.

Ticks are in all woodland, heathland and moorland areas. 
Parts of the UK that are known to have a particularly high population of ticks include:

  • Exmoor
  • the New Forest in Hampshire
  • the South Downs
  • parts of Wiltshire and Berkshire
  • Thetford Forest in Norfolk
  • the Lake District
  • the Yorkshire Moors
  • the Scottish Highlands.